Day care

At Tiffany’s we offer an all-inclusive service for your little ones which means that there are no additional costs involved; Our fees cover

  • Hot breakfast
  • Hot Lunch
  • Nappies
  • Baby formula 
  • Sun cream for those warmer months. 

The hourly rate has no hidden cost and payments are made per hour

€ 9,50 hourly rate

Our pricing structure is defined offering part time and full time sessions.

Full time = 11 hours

This is from 07:30 until 18:30

Half day= Minimum of 5.5 hours

Changing days within the same week is possible (availability permitting) without extra charge and If you have alternative wish and or demand on bringing and picking the little one it is possible.

Opening Times:

Monday:             07:30 – 18:30

Tuesday:            07:30 – 18:30

Wednesday:       07:30 – 18:30

Thursday:          07:30 – 18:30

Friday   :            07:30 – 18:30