Tiffany's Day care

At Tiffany’s we understand that childcare is a question of trust. Parents entrust their most precious possession to a childcare centre. This should be a place where a parent and a child feel at home .Where staff provide care for your child in a friendly and a professional manner. Only then it is possible to find a pleasurable way to combine family and work.


Parents need to be sure that their child is being cared for in a safe environment and that the child is being educated in a responsible manner, even when they are not present. Children need to be able to trust that when their parents are not present they can rely on a trustworthy educator in order to be able to explore their environment in a carefree way and to learn from their contacts with the peers.


Attention to quality should be given, when it comes to such an important task of childcare. This is why at Tiffany’s we devote constant and systematic attention to quality. Naturally our daycare meets the quality requirements set by the government and the municipal health –GGD. But we go further than that; our attention to quality is manifested in the ongoing provision of further training to our employees. 

Tiffany’s employees have the authorized diplomas, are aware of the first aid and are regularly trained for the fire and safety hazards.